New Covid -19 Omicron Bivalent Booster ( Both Moderna and Pfizer ) And Regular and High Dose Flu shots Available Now New Covid -19 Omicron Bivalent Booster ( Both Moderna and Pfizer ) And Regular and High Dose Flu shots Available Now
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Check out these services that you can conveniently access at Ellenton Discount Pharmacy. No other pharmacy is as diverse in its services and products. Only the drugstore in Parrish, Florida can give you a wide variety of services and products that are within your budget.

Generic Program

Ellenton Discount Pharmacy offers a low cost generic program for hundreds of prescription medications: Hormonal Imbalance Therapy, Antibiotic, Antipsychotic, Diabetes, Gastrointestinal, Asthma, Anti-inflammatory, Cholesterol and more…

MTM Services and Medication Adherence Program

To start, you will have a consultation with our pharmacist in charge. This is necessary to determine the kind of assistance that we can provide to you which must be specific to your medication therapy plan. We offer special compliance packaging and drug interaction reviews.

Flu Shots & Immunization

You can drop by our pharmacy and get your shots: Influenza Vaccine , Meningococcal Vaccine, Prevnar 13, Shingles (Zoster) Vaccine.

Pet Medications

We offer compounding for veterinary patients. Get meds for your dog, cat or feathered friends.

Customer Service

At Ellenton Discount Pharmacy, the customer is our responsibility. We want to satisfy all customers’ needs. Pharmacy cashiers, technicians and the pharmacist push themselves for excellent service.

Refill Reminder Service

Upon patient’s request, Ellenton Discount Pharmacy can add you to our refill request list. Every time a prescription is due for a refill, a pharmacist or technician will call the customer to get authorization before filling a medication.

Free Delivery

Ellenton Discount Pharmacy has a free Delivery program inside and outside of town. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver patients’ prescription and other medical need supplies to their front door. We also make deliveries to doctor’s offices, hospitals and clinics.

Refill Request Authorization

When, for whatever reason, a prescription cannot be refilled, pharmacy staff will call or fax your physician to request a new prescription. Most doctors offices request one or two business days for all requests. If a patient is out of medication, it is under the pharmacist’s discretion to loan the patient enough medication until his or her doctor approves another refill.

Prior Authorization Requests

Your Health Plan may require you to obtain prior authorization before it chooses to pay for a particular medication. Pharmacy staff will contact the insurance company and coordinate with doctor’s office to expedite the procedure.


Upon request, the pharmacy personnel are able to prepare patient’s prescriptions in a bubble or blister pack rather than a traditional bottle. All bubble packs are labeled with name of the patient and the doctor’s instruction with other detail information of the medications.

Flexible Payment Options

We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

E-Prescription Service

Ellenton Discount Pharmacy, in partnership with your physician, offers e-prescribing services. This service minimizes any mistakes that could occur by the doctor or pharmacy. It also streamlines the process and reduces the wait time.

Blood Glucose Meter and Supply Services

Ellenton Discount Pharmacy offers education and consultation services.

Extended Hours

We are open Monday thru Friday from 8AM to 7PM, & Saturday 9AM to 4PM.

Hours of Operation

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